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« GET » - objectives is dedicated to be a global company in the coal industry and global coal market , to creating superior and long-term  program the development of the coal industry and advanced technology mining and processing.


        In pursuit of these objectives, we will:

  • Conduct our business with integrity.
  • Implement contemporary technology and innovation in everything we do
  • Work with customers  for that would  add value to both parties



« GET » - reliable partner the coal market.
  • For international cooperation, our European company - «Global Energo Trade», will ensure for our regular customers, high quality and conscientious approach to fulfill its obligations on the basis of international and European law.
  • On the basis of legality and of international rules, "Global Energo Trade" carries out its activities. This creates the conditions for the trust to us and ensure financial safety and the reliability of supply at the implementation of our commitments for a partners.
  • Import products from Russia, using the resources with "Global Energo Trade" will be safe and benefits you gain.

«Global Energo Trade» - sell and provide:              

  • Coal for enterprises - power, metallurgical, cement, mechanical rubber and for domestic needs and population, etc.
  • Shipments are made - wagons to the border, as well as from the Black, Azov, Baltic Sea ports and from Far East ports.
  • Our capabilities allow to nominate vessels of different load capacity, and to deliver the goods to any port on the order of the buyer.